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​​​​24 Hour Emergency Dentist based in North west London Golders Green. The competitively Priced Emergency Dentist in London, only £35 to be seen any time. Patients are seen immediately by a UK qualified Dentist and given effective options for treatment.  Our aim is to take you out of tooth pain.

Call us now and speak to a Dentist. 02084550465
* Prices after 12.00AM may be higher

​There are only a few 24 hour Emergency Dentists in London. We have combined patient care, management and efficiency to offer you the cheapest emergency dental treatment in London.  We will see you immediately> Make an assessment with a provisional diagnosis> Guide you through the proposed treatments> Emphasis the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment option along with the special prices we offer from cheapest to most expensive. Then with whatever option you choose,  we will immediately take you out of pain using local anaesthetic and complete the treatment for a lasting pain relief. After the treatment we will text or call you to ensure everything is ok. Our materials are all the highest quality, composite filling materials. Tooth pain is a leading cause of absence from work, so come to our practice and treat the source of the pain efficiently and effectively so that you can feel good again.

Continuous throbbing Pain..

If you are suffering from a continuous tooth ache which is throbbing or getting worst at night while you're sleeping / lying down. The diagnosis is something called 'irreversible pulpitis'. In laymen terms this translates to an ''inflammation of the pulp'' (pulp--itis).  The background?  Bacteria from tooth decay have entered the pulp chamber releasing gas.  The bodies natural defense mechanism results in an increase of blood PRESSURE  and thus PAIN ...this is  what causes that throbbing sensation. As the tooth is in an enclosed environment  the pressure will build up until a solution is found. 

Solution: The only solution is to open up the pulp, allowing the pressure to be released causing almost instant pain relief. The process is called an ''extirpation''.  It is carried out  under local anesthetic. The alternative to an extirpation is to extract the tooth. However it is in your interest to help save the tooth and we will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. In many circumstances all that is required is a simple temporary filling with a special sedative dressing to help calm the tooth.

A Lost Crown

Lost crowns may have become decemented due to a variety of reasons most likely during functional eating. The important issue for the dentist is to ensure that the preparation itself has not been damaged. It is important to see the dentist immediately if the crown has become loose, as any exposure could result in an infection of the underlying dentine, or cause the shape of the preparation to change shape which may lead to a new crown being necessary.



A chipped tooth..


A chipped tooth usually occurs during a recent accident. Its important to see a Dentist ASAP by virtue of the vitality of the tooth. The nerve may have become exposed, and emergency treatment could save the tooth from dieing. We use quality composites to help match the shade of the tooth  with the final restoration. You will also be shown the shade and colour before curing the composite to make sure you are happy with the result. If the chip is very large then a crown may be necessary. 

Our London emergency dental centres cover emrgency care in the following areas: North, south and west London. 

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