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What do I do if I have a  Dental Emergency ? 

In a dental emergency, its first best to decide what exactly is the problem. If its pain is coming from a specific tooth, its best to examine that tooth as best as possible. Look for staining, or a hole, if it's from a general area of the mouth then more intrinsic examination techniques will have to be used such as an x ray, the expertise of an emergency dentist is required. This is because the mouth is a very complex environment with nerves that criss cross the face at different points. In some cases its hard to define where exactly the pain is coming from, as the same nerve may provide sensory function to many teeth.


In the case of an abscess then it will be fairly obvious which tooth is causing the problem. In this case give us a call and come in immediately. We may offer several treatment options. Ideally the emergency dentist will aim at removing the source of the infection via either root canal procedure or extracting the tooth. If the infection is very severe, antibiotics may prescribed initially so that the infection will be controlled before further treatment administered.


If you are unsure of what is happening, or even if you know, its best to complete treatment as soon as possible. Our emergency dentists in London will be happy to see you at any time, and offer an affordable treatment option to resolve the issue asap.



My tooth has broken what do I do ??


Firstly don’t worry, our emergency dentists in London, see this day in, day out. There is a solution. In the case of a front tooth, the area will be examined and pain assessment measured, an x ray will confirm nerve involvement. If the chip is relatively small a treatment can be implemented immediately, placing tooth coloured composite materials to replace the lost ,tooth[A1]  tissue. In more severe cases the emergency dentist London may choose to offer a crown, root canal, or post core crown. In the very most severe cases the tooth may be extracted and replaced with either a denture, bridge or implant. In any case there is a solution and aesthetics can be managed accordingly.


I cant sleep from the tooth pain??


In this case you need an emergency dentist immediately. The most likely cause of this is a process called irreversible pulpitis. This is like many dental infections caused by bacteria. The bacteria have entered the tooth and the body has reacted by inflammation mechanism. This is why when a patient lies down the pain increases. As the blood pressure increases. What must be done now ? The emergency dentist will take an x ray, find out how close the decay or caries is, to the nerve of the tooth and take a vitality test, to test wheather the tooth is still alive, The most likely option is root canal procedure. In this case local anaesthetic is administered to ensure the procedure is pain free. The emergency dentist London will then remove the decay, and enter the pulp chamber to release the pressure. The nerves are then accessed and sterylised. A medicine is then placed to calm the tooth with a temporary filling.


Im scared of dentists, will I be ok ??


Yes, all our staff are trained to deal with nervous patients. As a practice focused on emergency dental care, we know what patients expect and deal with nervous patients on a day to day basis. We can assure you, all procedures are pain free after anaesthetic is administered and if you have any pain throughout the procedure, we ask patients to raise their hand and we will stop immediately.  


Is emergency Dentist care expensive??


We pride ourselves on being an ethical practice. We give ten percent of all revenue to charity for this reason. A 24 hour dental practice is expensive to maintain, however we have outsourced as much as possible to ensure treatment is as affordable as possible. We can assure you that our emergency dental practice aims at keeping all treatments affordable. In the case that a patient feels they cant afford the ideal treatment, say a root canal. We will try and offer a less expensive treatment with an aim at reducing the pain.


Why is tooth pain so bad ??


The mouth is connected by many nerves, and the mouth is in the head, which is close to the brain and the pain receptors. Therefore patients experiencing dental pain can describe it as being the ‘’worst pain I have ever experienced’. At the emergency dentist London, we are familiar with what the patient is experiencing and aim to ease the pain as soon as possible with local anaesthetic. However this is temporary and we endeavour to find the source of the pain and deal with it effectively while the local anesthetic is effective so that you wont feel any more pain anymore.


Do you offer regular treatments??


Yes we do everything in this practice, from normal hygienist appointments for £35 to dental implants and full mouth makeovers. 


Can I come in for regular treatment even though its not an emergency ??


YES, we encourage patients who find it hard to get time of work to visit our dental practice for their regular general care. Weather this may be a annual examination or hygiene clean. Patients can still take full advantage of our 24 emergency dentist to book an appointment and be seen on the same day. We also have evening and weekend appointments available on the DAY. There is no other practice that can offer guaranteed appointments on the day and usually within one hour for the same price that we offer.  So call us today and book in your emergency dentist London.



The Emergency Dentist London  is a 24 hour Emergency Dentist based in Golders-Green NW11 North West London , Sunday emergency dentist, and 24 hour 365 days a year Dental care

We provide emergency dentistry to all patients from London, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  What are patients looking for when they search for emergency dentist London?? The Emergency Dentist London knows exactly what to provide to patients visiting, and what to charge. We try and keep our prices LOW, while ensuring our quality is HIGH. Despite it being very expensive to maintain an emergency dentist London, and a 24 hour service, we have tried to stay true to our fundamental reason d’être which is:  To provide an emergency dentist London at a top rated service, while still maintaining an affordable rate and also an ethical outlook. That is why a tenth of a patients charge is given to charity. Tooth pain can be seriously disorientating, especially when aesthetics are compromised such as a facial swelling or abscess. That’s why our emergency dentist London makes sure all patients are treated with kindness, and within a comfortable environment that is both friendly and helpful. With a 24 hour emergency service that is unparalleled in the country, patients always know that their pain means something to us. That’s why we will continue to be number one emergency dentist in London for the foreseeable future, and help patients out of tooth pain whenever possible 

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