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Root Canal Treatment From £285

Welcome to our Dental Clinic ,
We have provided Londoners with both emergency root canal treatment and conventional root canal treatment for over 11 years. Our master principle Dentist Dr Levy has carried out over 12000 root canal treatments. He has a special interest in root canal treatments, having completed the further endodontics course in Worceshire, and master aesthetics course in prestigious eastman
 dental institute, amongst countless other coerces including smile fast, total composites.  

Our Equipment

To conduct a successful root canal treatment, the latest technology is required, we have purchased the latest motorised units including, reciproc gold, endoradar with integrated apex locator and most recently the AI, by woodpecker. This allows seamless comfortable treatment and provides enhanced safety features. We use heat treated wave one gold files, allowing for a predictability of suceess, and bio friendly sealers only such as MTA or CAOH.

Our Prices

We aim to provide the most affordable treatment to patients in London to complete their root canal while at same time maintaining quality and control. good files and sealers are expensive and we provide the very best of these including single files only. A final price is conducted after an x ray based on complexity and number of canals, however we aim to offer all patients this unbeatable price for their private root canal treatment,

Most competitive price:
Completed Second stage root canal treatment including composite filling and a  WHITE CROWN ( Porcelain bonded  crown) 


Completed second stage of root canal treatment including composite filling 


Both prices include all Xrays, and impressions, use of single file wave one gold, and high quality composite core and silicone impressions. 

How are we so affordable ?

We see alot of patients every day, and our principle experience allows for enhanced and rapid turnover meaning, we can demand extra discounts from suppliers and dental labs, we pass this discount directly to you.

When can we see you?

Today !
We have a 24 hour emergency dental service, 7 days a week, so the short answer is today, as long as the tooth is not swollen we can complete your root canal in most cases on the same day and take an impression for the crown. 

What is success rate for root canal ?

There are many factors that play a role in this question, however the most important is the state of the tooth when conducting the root canal. If the tooth is vital then the bacteria load in the canals is negligible so a root canal treatment can provide success rate up to 82 percent over 5 years, if the tooth is infected or previously root canaled, then the bacteria load will be millions, and so elimination of all bacteria can be close to impossible, the success rate can plumet down to 48 percent. In this case we will aim to sterilise the tooth more rigorously to offset the decreased prognosis. Our dentist will discuss this with you prior to stating your root canal. This will give you informed consent and transparency. 

Why is it important to place a crown after root canal ?

After completion of root canal treatment the tooth becomes very brittle and without coronal restoraton can break quite easily during function. the crown helps prevent this. Another issue is something called coronal leakage, the crown helps prevent new bacteria from penetrating the tooth causing failure of the root canal.

Our Google reviews 


Calum Davidson

1 review

2 months ago

Brilliant service, caring and compassionate staff. I required a root canal and couldn't find a dentist open late near to my house. The price for a root canal and crown was very affordable and the service was excellent. Would definitely come back if any further treatment is required for any other complaints.


Josh Allan

2 reviews

Absolutely excellent service, it was an absolute pleasure to visit the surgery.

Overnight I had throbbing pain in my tooth, after frantically searching this was the only dentist that was open at such a late hour. Once I got to the surgery, I immediately felt very welcome and was seen immediately. I explained to the dentist that I had a fear of dental treatments. The dentist made sure that I was okay every step of the way by thoroughly explaining everything to me to alleviate my fear.

He started off with an examination and explained fully the treatment I needed, offering different treatment plans and including the costs that they would incur, making sure I was fully aware before making any decisions.

He talked me through different recommendations of treatment: deep clean and fillings, a root canal, or a bridge. Explaining them all with such patience and genuine care.

For a private clinic, it was definitely the most affordable.

I left the surgery at complete ease and since have been pain free. Would definitely go back again.

Nora BeeBee

Local Guide·38 reviews·20 photos

Great . Assured if I wasn't in pain all the time , very professional , explained everything and gave me choices etc . and it was much less bad ( as discomfort/ pain ) that I though it's gonna be! ( root canal cleaning ) . Wasn't painful . plus also very fast ! As the other dentist told me it might take 3 times longer than this dentist did it . appointment was the same day . I recommend


Thank you Nora for your kind review. We hope all is well with you and wish you the best.


Joseph A

1 review

I am not one to enjoy visits to the dentist because of the fear I tend to have for any medical attention that may involve syringes and the like. But, I had suffered quite a lot of discomfort and pain with one of my upper premolars and it got to a point where seeing a Dentist was the only relief I could get due to the sleepless nights I had been having.

Not only was it a great experience, but I think the clinic is awesome. With all the modern amenities and excellent staff which of course, included Dr.levi who was very reassuring and told me that I had developed a cavity that required root canal attention! After getting some painkillers and a scan, my return visits ended the trauma. I can only thank the staff for their patience and commitment to getting me back to normal.



Yael Benady

 reviews·2 photos

Emergency, called them up, was seen immediately like they said and even though it was a sunday night, and a root canal didn't cost more then 380  pounds. unlike the other guys 5 star review


Tasneem Hussain

Local Guide·16 reviews·27 photos

Had nerve pain and root canal done straight away. Good prices, and excellent care standards

So why wait ? Pick up the phone and call us now, we will book you in on same day and complete treatment, combining experience, materials, affordability, and quality experience there is no other clinic offering the same value. Have a great day !

Who We Are

Emergency dentist London, a ethical dental clinic based in north west london offering affordable private dentistry to londoners for over 12 years.
 We have two branches one in Golders Greeen

50 The Vale Golders Green 
NW11 8SG

And one near heathrow airport 

Practice on the green 
3c the high street Feltham tw133af 

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