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  • Dr Levy (BDS)

Tooth emergency

A strong week for emergencies, we have relieved a lot of patients of destabilising pain today. As usual many patients came suffering from the symtoms of ‘’irreversible pulpitis’’. A distinct continuous throbbing pain, especially in the evening. To those patients who consented, we implemented a root canal. This procedure instantly relieves the pain by extracting the pressure from within the tooth. I will be following up with all our patients tomorrow with a phone call. This is a courtesy to ensure the treatment is successful and that they are no longer feeling pain.

In one particular case of the day, a gentleman came with severe pain close to two teeth, one broken down to the gum and the other next to it with a small hole. This is where emergency dentists experience is vital. One can not focus on the most obvious problem ( the broken tooth), but distinguish where the pain is sourced from (the tooth with a hole). This is because the latter is still alive and therefore more likely to be causing acute pain. Thankfully this was noted well, despite the patient being sure it was the broken tooth. Vitaliy tests were implemented, and a root canal completed. The gentleman is now thankfully out of pain. However further treatment for the retained root is needed ( either extraction, or root canal, followed by a post-core crown). This is to ensure that the tooth does not become infected in the future. As with all our patients, I also encouraged him to have a full examination. The reason being, If decay is apparent in one area of the mouth, it is most likely present in others too. Therefore it is advisable to check the entire mouth to prevent the decay from spreading. It is also beneficial as it is generally reflective on poor oral hygiene. A full examination will identfy those areas that are most in need of particular attention, bringing them in line with a good oral health. We wish all our patients a pain free week, and good tidings.

This week we look forward to a snap on smile case, helping build a patients confidence and like always, helping the public when they most need it.

Charity for the week: Esther Benjamins Trust

Rescues and rehabilitates trafficked Nepalese children, and helps to prevent trafficking

With Good tidings and blessings to all

The Vale Dental Practice Team

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